Senior Management Team (SMT)

Jane Cummins - Headteacher - sick leave

Mary King-Stokes - Acting Headteacher

Nikki Teague - Acting Deputy Headteacher - Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator

Jo Tombs - Gloucestershire Total Communication Lead

Jo Rayner - Student and Volunteer Co-ordinator and Mentor


Teaching Team

Nikki Teague

Sarah Moran

Jo Tombs

Jo Rayner

Emma Willmore

Early Years Practitioners

Pauline Phillips

Kaeren Wilkes

Ali Holtom

Anna Hughes

Racheal Stewart

Nicola Baker

Helen Tharia

Sue Dunne

Karen Cooke

Katie Medhurst

Kerry Pearson

Caroline Tharia

Georgia Thomas 

Family Support

Sarah Bell

Child Development Centre

Mandy Whitefield

Sally Bradley

Administration Team

Debbie Benton

Jane Davis

Bev Kenyon


Sue Douglass - Speech and Lanuage

Rolly Forster - Speech and Language

Mel Boswell - Music

Extended Services Team

Kaeren Wilkes

Pauline Phillips

Sue Dunne

Premises Team

Roberto De Souza

Midday Supervisors

Amanda Peacey

Sue Ireland

Karen Lewis