Latest News – April 2021

Dear Parents and Friends,

Another term has come to end, I cannot believe we are at Easter already.  The children have all had a great time investigating animals in a variety of activities in their classes. After Easter the topic will be, which again will mean lots of exciting activities for the children to engage in. 

We will continue to be running in bubbles, but will ease restrictions a little in line with             Government guidelines, so we will be going back to 3pm and 3.15pm pick up. We would appreciate it if you can adhere to these times as it eases congestion and allows the car park to flow much   easier, this applies to the mornings as well if parents can drop off at 9.30 this allows the taxis to come in and the children get settled. Thank you.

We are currently writing our own curriculum which we will be launching in September, you will be invited to a evening presentation where we will run through this with you and explain the process.

This new curriculum will allow us to celebrate the children’s achievements and celebrate the    success that they have worked so hard to achieve.

We are currently looking at plans to add the final classroom to the school over the summer, which is exciting and we will keep you updated.

Finally, testing of staff twice a week will continue and as you are aware the virus can still be caught and passed onto others even with the vaccine.  So we will remain vigilant and keep in place our COVID measures inline with Government guidelines.  If anyone displays  symptoms, i.e. a new and/or continuous cough, high temperature or loss of taste and smell we are required to follow the guidance set out.

Have a lovely Easter                                                                        

Best wishes,  Nikki




Please be aware we have just be notified of a new scam email concerning free school meals targeting vulnerable families. This scam email states the following:

‘If your child’s schools is closed and your child is entitled to free school meals; then to send your bank details to the schools and they will help with funding while the schools are closed.’

All the links in the email are fake. Please DO NOT click the links, respond or give any bank details or confidential information.


Emergency School Closures

In the hopefully unlikely event of the school having to close – perhaps due to snow, power failure or sickness – there is a website to keep parents informed of the situation. Please log on to

We will use the Text messaging service to contact you directly as soon as possible. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date details.
Updates will also be made on local radio stations, such as, Radio Gloucestershire and Severn Sound.


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BFG News

We have received another fantastic donation from Grace Parrott’s family.  This money is going to be used to support the Gloucestershire Total Communication Project and will help so many people in the county to continue the excellent work.
Charity Number: 1022618


We are in short supply of parent volunteers for our committee, please please if you can spare us a couple of hours a term for ideas and support.
If you want to help please get in touch.

Do you know anyone who could help us or do you have any ideas? Please get in touch via the school on 01242 525472 or email

The Giving Machine

We have signed up to The Giving Machine, purchases will generate cash commission for us, please take a look and sign up for us.


The Textile Recycling Scheme helps to raise awareness of Textile Recycling. By participating you are helping the environment as well as raising funds for the school.
We collect all types of unwanted textiles  including adults & children’s clothes, paired shoes hats, bags, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen. Sorry we do not accept duvets, carpets, rugs soiled or wet clothing.

Battledown Centre for Children & Families. Harp Hill, Cheltenham GL52 6PZ Tel: 01242 525472 • Fax: 01242 257557

Battledown Centre for Children & Families. Harp Hill, Cheltenham GL52 6PZ Tel: 01242 525472 • Fax: 01242 257557